La aplicación Randonautica se creó para alentar a los usuarios a aventurarse fuera de su rutina diaria, mediante el uso de un generador cuántico de números aleatorios para derivar una coordenada a la que viajar. La aplicación fue desarrollada por el movimiento global, Los Randonautas (The Randonauts). El fenómeno ha tomado al mundo por sorpresa y hay millones de Randonautas explorando sus alrededores en casi todos los países.

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What is Randonauting?

Randonauting is the act of using the Randonautica app to generate truly random locations sourced with quantum entropy. The user can then choose to venture to these locations to see what they find. They often discover that what they see lines up with their intention, which is what they were thinking about when they generated the point. But even if this doesn't happen, it's a way to mindfully explore the world around them.


There are two main parts to Randonauting: exploring blind-spots, or places nearby that are outside of your conscious awareness, and experimenting with mind-matter interaction, the hypothesis that consciousness can influence the distribution of random numbers. 

Why do people Randonaut?
  • Have a fun and meaningful adventure

  • Break out of their regular routine

  • Increase attention, awareness, learning ability

  • Experience the mind-matter interaction phenomena

  • Find enchantment in the world around them

  • Explore and enhance their spirituality

  • Train their brains to deal with uncertainty

  • Take a thrill ride into the unknown

Who is it for?

The Randonautica app is for anyone who wants to break out of their normal, mundane routine or would like to go on adventure to interesting places around them they never knew existed. 

The user gets to create their own story through an exciting adventure and the things they find along the way may have meaning that only they can uncover and understand.

What kind of experiences have people had Randonauting?

After a user Randonauts, the app allows you to send a Trip Report to share your experience with the greater community on the very active Randonaut subreddit. Browse through some of the top Trip Reports here:


The Randonauts have been approached for scientific research to bring alternate methods of consciousness exploration into academia. These studies will dive deeper into Randonaut theories and analyze trip data from the Randonautica app.


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The Randonauts movement has inspired the creation of an ongoing web series to follow along the journeys of Randonaut explorers as they use true quantum randomness to venture into the unknown. The Ready or Randonaut team also produces how-to and explainer videos on the world of Randonauting.

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