Meet The Team

  • CEO

    Joshua Lengfelder

    Before spearheading Randonautica, Joshua studied anthropology and electronic media and worked at Lone Star Circus in Dallas. Teamed with Auburn Salcedo, he harnessed the momentum of this mind-bending movement and continues to build and grow the community that is The Randonauts.

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  • COO

    Auburn Salcedo

    Auburn is a Midwestern mom, PTA president, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of a media production company in Omaha and Orlando. Her passion for all things related to consciousness and background in business was a perfect pairing to help build the foundation and further the goals of The Randonauts.

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  • Project Manager

    Tobias Raayoni Last

    Tobias is a self-taught polymath, spouse, father, entrepreneur, artist, and unashamed college dropout. His stomping grounds are the borderlands between art and technology, magic and engineering. He naturally bumped into randonauting, became an enthusiastic early contributor and eventually joined the core team as project manager, consultant, and advising wizard.

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  • Android Developer

    Mohammad Ziad

    Mohammad is a software engineer and an entrepreneur who has been working on various startups over the past years. He strongly despises any form of regularity or uniformity in life - the grey life - and believes that the reckless child inside any person should never die. Randonauting provided Ziad with exactly what he wanted, a way to break free from his “probability-tunnel” and embark on some delightful adventures. He wanted to further improve the experience of Randonauting and joined the team as a software developer with the main focus on app development.

    • Lead Customer Support

      Emily Dunbar

      Emily is an elementary school teacher who first started Randonauting in September 2019. She quickly became enamoured with the project, taking on more roles and responsibilities as time went on. Emily works to demystify the project so more people can understand and enjoy Randonauting. She also works in customer support, helps run the social media accounts, manages translations, and produced the French translation of the app.

      • Graphic Designer

        Kerry Blanchard

        Kerry is currently a student working to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. In May of 2020 she got in touch with the Randonauts through TikTok, offering her artistic services. Kerry has been working with the team ever since to create a unique visual experience through Interface Design & Graphics Generation.

        • Graphic Designer

          Taha Firoz

          Taha Firoz is a Software Engineer working with the Randonautica Team on Backend Engineering. Currently a student living in an undisclosed location, Taha is working to complete his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He has been with the Randonautica brand since September of 2020; in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown, he got in touch with Josh, and offered his engineering services. Taha has been working with the team to create smooth and speedy Randonauting experiences ever since.

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